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China in the Mirror: Challenges and Realities

Reflections on China, Part 1: The Context in 2024

I first went to China in 1985, serving there until 2012. The level of surveillance and scrutiny of expatriates at that time was high… While the current ministry context, with highly technological surveillance tools, feels restrictive, it appears to be a change in method, rather than a change in concept. We have been here all along.

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Enduring Friendship

When our friendship storyline is out of step with the larger cultural narrative, whether in China or in the West, how do we as the body of Christ continue to build bridges of understanding?

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When Nixon Went to China

Fifty years ago on February 21, 1972, Air Force One touched down at Beijing’s Capitol Airport. President Richard Nixon, his wife, and a rather large entourage of officials were onboard. That this visit was momentous is an understatement as it marked the beginning of a thaw that would not only change the relationship between the US and China, but would change the world.

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The Beautiful Country and the Middle Kingdom

A Book Review

The rather battered and dog-eared cover to my copy of Pomfret's book is testimony to both prolonged and careful reading.