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A Few Good Podcasts

What better way to enjoy autumn than listening to a China-related podcast? 

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Gospel Impact in East Africa

A Reader Responds

It is time for African Christians to take the next step in cross-cultural disciple-making and engage the Chinese in their midst. Fred and Faith and their colleagues have shown the way. May many others join them as well as develop new creative ventures for the sake of the gospel.

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China and Africa—A Reading Roundup

More on Sino-African relations . . .

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China and Africa: An Eternal Imprint

Africa is experiencing considerable change in the course of the unfolding relationship, but so is China.

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China and Africa — An Introduction

What is the current relationship between China and Africa, and what are its long-term implications? The author looks at the historical backgrounds and contemporary issues that address this question.

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Challenges in Africa for Chinese Christian Workers

Chinese Christian workers in Africa find challenges that are formidable; this article looks at several of the major ones. Yet, despite these challenges, workers are making advancements for Christ’s kingdom.