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China Ministry and Transformational Development (2)

The End of an Era?

As expatriates move from founders and leaders to colleagues, and now consultants, foreign contributions are increasingly in the nature of support and encouragement from behind the scenes, providing practical help in a few key areas as requested.

Chinese Church Voices

Serving Believers in Flooded Shanxi

The story of how a church in JieXiu responded to the needs of a church and believers, devastated as a result of the torrential rains and flooding in Shanxi province.

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My Heart Aches for Shanxi but with Hope

In the midst of natural disasters, personal loss, and the return of COVID-related restrictions, believers in Shanxi find ways to serve and even expand opportunities to bless their communities.

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History Matters Today

Faithful cross-cultural service requires at least some understanding of the local context. During my years in Shanxi I have invested a sizable portion of time and energy into helping my colleagues here—Chinese and expatriate—better understand local history, particularly as it pertains to ministry. I have been impressed over and over again by the striking degree to which the words and deeds of our spiritual ancestors relate directly to our present circumstances.

Book Reviews

A New Understanding of the Relationship between Christianity and Chinese Culture

The Missionary's Curse: and Other Tales from a Chinese Catholic Village by Henrietta Harrison.

Harrison recounts the story of Catholicism in a small village in Shanxi, from its initial arrival at the opening of the seventeenth century right up to the present.