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Dreams and Disillusionment

Shanghai Free Taxi: A Book Review

If you’ve lived in China (Shanghai, particularly), you’ll love Shanghai Free Taxi. If you’re making plans to go to China, it’s a great introduction. If neither, read it anyway. You'll smile and learn stuff along the way!

Chinese Church Voices

A Cathedral in Shanghai

St. Ignatius Cathedral in Shanghai is one of the oldest and most historic Catholic buildings in China.

Chinese Church Voices

Cult Activity in China Impacts Churches

While the number of Christians continues to grow in China, so too does the number of cults active in China.

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The story of Christianity in China and the story of Shanghai are inextricably linked.

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Unpacking China’s Cities

China’s urbanization today is less about the largest cities that often make the headlines, and more about a host of smaller, yet faster growing, metropolises that will be home to the majority of Chinese in the coming decades.

Chinese Church Voices

Celebrating Holy Week in China

Many churches in China marked Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday with special worship services. Here are pictures from two of the services.

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Street of Eternal Happiness

A Book Review

Street of Eternal Happiness: Big City Dreams along a Shanghai Road by Rob Schmitz the stories of  families and their neighbors living along one road in the former French Concession of Shanghai. 

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Recommended Read—Shanghai Faithful

When a Catholic Chinese-American journalist discovers that her grandfather was a prominent Anglican church leader in China in the 1940s and that her granduncle was none other than the famous house church leader, Watchman Nee, she did what every good journalist does—she set out to tell the story.

View From the Wall

Pastoring a Charismatic Church in Shanghai

Pastor Cui shares how his church has dealt with a growing congregation and the need for room by adopting a “big church, small congregations” model. He explains this concept and details the benefits this model has brought to the church, the pastors, and the congregations.

Chinese Church Voices

House Church Leader Li Tian’en Dies in Shanghai

On May 5, the mainland news site China Christian Daily reported on the death of Pastor Li Tian’en, one of China’s most famous house church leaders.