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China in the Mirror: Challenges and Realities

Reflections on China, Part 1: The Context in 2024

I first went to China in 1985, serving there until 2012. The level of surveillance and scrutiny of expatriates at that time was high… While the current ministry context, with highly technological surveillance tools, feels restrictive, it appears to be a change in method, rather than a change in concept. We have been here all along.

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Women in China

A Look through the ChinaSource Archives

In honor of women’s month, we’ve highlighted the experiences of women in China ministry on the blog. Today, we’re expanding our lens to look back at articles published on how Chinese women’s lives have changed in the past century, how they are working in the church, and their triumphs and struggles.

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From the Forbidden City to NYC

Outreach among the Tibetan Diaspora

What is needed is people who know Jesus and love Tibetans enough to find ways to engage them personally, enough to walk with them through faltering steps of faith, and enough to endure long enough in the field that seeds sown find their way to good soil, hearts God has already prepared.

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Crossing Cultures: Capacity and Insight

Expectations for new missionaries as well as for their sending bodies should include a long-term developmental perspective that recognizes on-field difficulties as expected and as the normative shaping events God intentionally uses to develop cross-cultural ministry capacity.

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Called and Faithful

Embracing Identity in God’s Service

Scripture forewarns us of life's trials, and Jesus' words in John 16:33 are a beacon: “In this world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” The path of pastoral ministry has its own inherent trials, and as a woman, these can be distinctive.

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China is Open—For Business and More

China is open for business, and a lot more. What is God calling you to do with that information? What might you try?

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Christmas Bliss

Journeying Through Life with a Vacation State of Mind

The warm vacation home offered a sanctuary, shielded from the snow and cold outside, where a joyous family embraced Christian peace and calm. It was a tranquil Christmas holiday, and the ambiance of "universal rejoicing in the coming of the Savior" felt perfectly in place.

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The Chinese Church Does Missions (1) Within China

ChinaSource Summer School Session 4

Chinese Christians have been active in evangelizing their neighbors and fellow citizens, including ethnic minorities, for decades. In this fourth session of ChinaSource Summer School, we have rounded up a collection of articles, including case studies, theological meditations, and missiological analysis.

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Impressions on Returning to Post-Covid China

For at least the foreseeable future, China will be an increasingly difficult place for expatriates to live and work. However, for those who find a way to meet the requirements to remain in the country, there is a general openness to new ideas that provides fertile ground for the gospel.

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Another Strand, Another Color

In this issue of the CSQ we take our first in-depth look specifically at the Pentecostal church in China. To help us weave this strand into the tapestry, we are honored to have contributors who have been active participants in and observers of the Pentecostal church in China.