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Internet Regulations Six Months On

Due to the licensing and real-name requirements, these regulations… certainly make it more difficult for individuals and unregistered churches to put religious content online.

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Reading Tea Leaves from the 2021 National Religious Work Conference

What can we learn from the recent conference on religious work? A comparison with the 2018 conference helps tease out key points.

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Raising the Walls of the Sandbox

As churches in China experience continued tightening, it’s worth considering the wider context of the measures and what their broader purpose is.

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Religion Returning to the Center

For a deeper understanding of some of the issues facing the church in China today, check out this e-journal from Germany.

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3 Questions: Being Theologically Prepared

A conversation with Dr. Carsten Vala of Loyola University on the current situation of the church in China.

Chinese Church Voices

Regulating the Internet

The State Administration for Religious Affairs releases draft regulations calling for strict control over online religious content.

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A “New” New Normal?

Management of religious affairs will be shifted from, SARA to the United Front Work Department—what questions should we be asking? 

Chinese Church Voices

Being the Chinese Church in the Face of Growing Political Uncertainty

Chinese Christians are asking how they should respond to the new religious regulations. Here is one pastor's response.

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Will New Regulations Tighten the State’s Grip on Religion?

On September 8, 2016 China's State Administration for Religious Affairs (SARA) sent a draft amendment for religious affairs administration to the Legal Office of the State Council. The amendments were posted on-line through the State Council website, requesting public opinions on the draft before October 7 of this year. 

Resource Corner

Regulations on Religious Affairs

国家宗教事务局-- Decree of the State Council of the People’s Republic of China No. 426

Becoming familiar with China’s regulations on religious affairs can provide an official reference point for informed discussion on this issue.