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Training Disciples in China

I believe that the present-day pastor needs to demonstrate that he is a disciple of Christ by living a real life in a real way, and making sure other people can see that lifestyle, providing an example that believers can refer to, imitate, and follow.

Chinese Church Voices

A Pastor’s Vision for Small Groups

Introducing and sustaining small group pastoral ministry in rural China.

Blog Entries

Church in China. Or Churches in China?

A reminder that there is not simply the church in China, but there are churches in China.

Chinese Church Voices

The Revival of a Rural Church

While there are many negative news reports during the COVID-19 pandemic, this story of a revitalized rural church is a much-needed source of encouragement.

Chinese Church Voices

Is Having Insurance an Indication of Unbelief?

A Young Preacher Asks

Many churches in China expect pastors to receive low salaries and compensation because it is the “spiritual” thing to do.

Chinese Church Voices

Left-behind Children and the Rural Church

As China develops and urbanization accelerates, so does the number of Christians flowing out of the countryside. This has left many rural churches with shrinking numbers and aging congregations. 

Chinese Church Voices

The Struggles of the Chinese Rural Church

The pastor of a rural congregation shares the challenges his church faces. 

Book Reviews

Excitement, Realism, and Incisive Commentary

A review of Christ in China: An Anthology by Ronald Boyd-MacMillan

In appreciation of Tony and Frances Lambert’s 34 years of faithful service, OMF-Hong Kong has published an anthology of forty-six of Tony’s monthly analyses of the story of Christianity in China. Written between the years 1987 to 2016, these articles cover aspects of the greatest revival story of the world church of the past 50 years, as well as selections that give unique slants on the contemporary story.

Chinese Church Voices

A Conversation with a Rural Preacher (Part 2)

About the Need for Innovative Training

Last week we posted the first part of an interview with a rural pastor that was published on the mainland site Christian Times. The topic of the conversation was models for training in rural churches. This week we post the rest of the interview.

Chinese Church Voices

A Conversation with a Rural Preacher (Part 1)

About the Need for Innovative Training

An editor from Christian Times recently had an extended conversation with a rural pastor (born in the 1980s) about his thoughts regarding the current situation of China’s rural church. They talked about the problems and potential, particularly as they relate to the need for training. What follows is a translation of the article. Due to the length of the article, we will publish it in two parts. This is part one.