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History of Student Ministry in China

Starting in 1818 and continuing to the present, the author provides an overview of the history of student ministry in China.

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Guangzhou is worth a visit because it offers glimpses of not only China’s past and present, but its future as well.

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Be Amazed, Encouraged, and Challenged for Under $10

A Book Review

This concise volume on the life of Morrison challenges with the description of the difficulties he overcame and the prolific amount of translation work he achieved.

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Western and Chinese Church History

A Chinese Christina writes about  the history of the Chinese Church, examines the issues and challenges facing the church today, and looks ahead.

Chinese Church Voices

Christianity in Guangdong – an Interview

This is the third section of an article on the Fuyinmen (Gospel Door) website titled "Christianity Brings Western Medicine to Guangdong Province." The first two sections can be found in the previous two posts. In this third section, the reporter conducts an interview with Protestant church officials from Guangdong Province concerning the historical development of the Church in the province.