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John Song—A Fruitful Returnee

A Reader Responds to the Autumn CSQ

Remembering Song’s story, and others mentioned by Stacey Bieler in the autumn issue of CSQ, helps motivate me to press ahead despite the pandemic and other challenges. One life can impact so many others!

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Adversity and Opportunity

Returnee Ministry and a Global Pandemic

Returnee ministry involves movement and connections. The author explains how these two factors have encountered adversity and opportunity during the COVID-19 global pandemic.

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Chinese Students Return Home—To What?

Bieler shines a spotlight on the reception experienced by Chinese students as they settled back into their home locations. The story of these students educated in the US between 1850 and 1930 and the difficulties they faced is aptly and entertainingly told in this book.

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Returnees—A Topic Worth Revisiting

Returnees is a topic that we continue to return to. We have dedicated two issues of CSQ to the topic and we will be including an update on returnee ministry in the 2021 autumn issue. Why is this topic worth revisiting?

Chinese Church Voices

Developing a Returnee Ministry from Overseas

Why returnees need ministry from their "home" churches abroad and how it can be done.

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Returnee Referral Systems

Connecting returnees—what are the critical success factors?

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Discipling Returnees

Returnees need an environment that will help them continue their journey of faith. 

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Returnees and the Church in China

What we need is the word of God’s grace, which is more than able to ensure that returnees not only survive, but thrive, as committed members of churches back in China. 

Chinese Church Voices

Conversations from Reformation 500, Part 2

More excerpts from conversations with mainland attendees of the Reformation 500 and the Gospel conference held in Hong Kong in May 2017.