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How Can Chinese Christians Foster a Reformation Spirit?

Today Christians celebrate the 500th anniversary of the Reformation. But why?

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Reflections on the Reformation 500 and the Gospel Conference

We caught up with our friend Jackson Wu at the Reformation 500 conference in Hong Kong and asked him to share his reflections on the conference.

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Key Challenges

At the Reformation500 Conference in Hong Kong, we have had the opportunity to chat with believers from around the country about various topics. One of the questions we have been asking is this: What are the key challenges facing believers in China today?

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Changing Ministry in the New Normal

It had been an engaging but exhausting two days. Pastors and ministry leaders from all across China had gathered with a smaller number of expatriate China workers to reflect together on some of the key trends in the mainland Chinese church. The meeting was conducted almost entirely in Chinese, and the range of topics addressed was dizzying, but also encouraging: indigenous mission and sending agencies, social engagement, theological education, Christian schooling, global partnership—in all these areas interest is high and progress encouraging. 

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“Theological Reflections on Urban Churches in China”

A Reformed Theologian Responds

Reformed theologian Bruce Baugus responds to the 2015 summer issue of the ChinaSource Quarterly, "Theological Reflections on Urban Churches in China."

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A Journey Toward a Chinese Theology

In its journey toward a theology that is uniquely “Chinese” the Chinese church has at various times clashed with longstanding cultural and religious traditions, weathered and responded to severe domestic turmoil, and intersected with a range of theological influences from abroad.

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Reformed Theology

A Christian Thought Movement to a Church Movement

Over the past forty years, reformed theology has become influential among Chinese Christians and, more recently, especially among mainland Chinese Christian intellectuals. This has resulted in reformed thought transitioning into a reformed church movement that is bringing about positive changes. At the same time, there are cautions to be observed within this movement.