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An Unwelcomed Journey Out of China

[T]he Almighty invites us to trust and remember that he appoints the when and where of our life. We struggle in faith to respond as Job did in the face of his own adversity: You brought us into China, and you brought us out of China.

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A Superlative Sabbath

In all our discussions on what to sing or study, when and where to meet and for how long, to have snacks or not, who was to teach—there was never a thought of not meeting.

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Skills No Longer Needed

Re-entering a country that is “home” can be confusing. There is an unlearning—a releasing of some of the strategies that were only needed in a place with different rules and ways of living. We do not return as people who have stayed as we were before we left. There are things to shed; there are things to keep.

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Reverse Culture Shock

Having been back in Australia for a few months now, we have well and truly entered the stage of transition that follows the initial happy honeymoon phase—and have plunged down on the reverse culture shock curve.

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Resources to Help You with Transitions

Information about retreats, seminars, debriefings, and books to help both you and your family with transitions.

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Of Returns and Runways

The author shares the experiences of his family and God’s provisions after leaving China and returning to the United States.

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The Church’s Role with Returnees from China

Suggestions are given for practical ways in which churches can help ease the transition of cross-cultural workers returning from China to their home country.

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Debriefing before the Final Goodbye

The author provides debriefing questions that can assist in evaluating life in China and aid in healthy transitions.

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One Last Summer Reading Recommendation

It’s September and the autumn semester has started for most students, but before the leaves start to turn and the temperature plunges, we have one more summer reading book recommendation for you.

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The Ache

A long-time worker in China shares what it is like to return "home."