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Public Lecture: Spreading the Gospel

Through Christian Posters in Early 20th Century China

Join us in April for a fascinating lecture on “Christian Posters in the Early 20th Century China.”

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A Visit to Shaoshan and What I’ll Not Forget

Many Chinese see Mao Zedong as a hero, while many Westerners see him as anything but. However, to understand China's new era, we must try to understand why the Chinese people continue to honor Mao and his legacy.

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Spreading the Gospel with Christian Propaganda Posters

The author brings to our attention Christian propaganda posters, intentionally used in China between 1927 and 1951, aimed at toppling China’s ideological systems. They provide a view of what Chinese Christians believed about their faith, and how they believed Christ could transform China.

ChinaSource Quarterlies

A Song in the Night

Chinese Christian Art as Sower, Sustainer, and Disseminator of a Faith Immured
Vol. 21, No. 4

Winter 2019

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Churches, Posters, and State Propaganda

Compliance and Appropriation

A look at how churches are responding.

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The Rising Tide of Propaganda

My neighborhood—most of my city, actually—is currently undergoing a dramatic change, the likes of which I have not seen in my two decades of residency. I first began to notice that something different was occurring in the autumn of last year, but in recent weeks the transformation has become undeniable and unavoidable. Its duration and its effects on the local population remain to be seen.