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Common Sense, Nonsense, and CantoSense

A ChinaSource Conversation

Answering the question "Can we be fully Chinese and fully Christian" with a resounding Yes!

ChinaSource Conversations

Fully Chinese and Fully Christian

A Conversation with the Hosts of CantoSense

Join Joann Pittman in a conversation with Hannah Lau and I’Ching Thomas about their new video podcast CantoSense.

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A Few Good Podcasts

What better way to enjoy autumn than listening to a China-related podcast? 

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5 Podcasts for Your Summer Listening

For all you auditory learners out there!

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China’s Social Credit System: Less Than Meets the Eye?

Understanding and evaluating the social credit system. 

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China’s Next Big Thing

China is complicated. Good questions about China beget more questions. Sorting out the complexity is not easy, but for someone wanting to get a handle on the key trends shaping China and impacting China’s church, this podcast is a great place to start.

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Christianity in China—The Early Years

A painless way to learn about the early history of Christianity in China—listen to The China History Podcast!

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Of Road Trips and Chinese History

I just returned from a 5400-mile road trip from Minnesota to Newfoundland, Canada (and back).

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9 Take-aways from a Conversation about Coaching in China

Earlier this month, ChinaSource launched a new podcast titled ChinaSource Conversations. The aim of the podcast is to bring together those with Chinese expertise and experience to discuss timely topics impacting China’s church. We hope that it will be a useful resource for those serving in China.