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From Brush Strokes to Unicode—How China Became Modern

A Book Review of Kingdom of Characters

Official and popular attitudes towards the written language vacillate between shame (characters are too awkward, slowing China’s development) and pride (characters are China’s unique cultural heritage) …China’s place among the nations rises in tandem with the development of her language, revealing the intimate relationship between linguistic modernization and the modernization of the nation itself.

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Mastering Mandarin Pronunciation

A New Resource

You can learn to pronounce Mandarin accurately!

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So which is it? Beijing or Peking? Yes!

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Pinyin—Writing the Sound

Pinyin is a system of writing the sounds of Chinese using English letters—an indispensable tool for learning to speak Chinese.

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#Pinyin Perfect

As a Chinese teacher, I feel like I am at war. The enemy is a voice in the back of my students' minds repeating "you can't do this." If they quit, the battle is lost.

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A Pinyin Opinion

I am frequently asked for advice on how to learn Chinese. My answer always includes a pitch for perfecting pinyin. (Pinyin is a system which romanizes Chinese Characters, whereby is rendered nihao.)