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How “Runology” Is Changing Ministry to Diaspora Chinese

More Chinese people, both believers and non-believers, are looking for ways to leave China. Some people are leaving because of persecution, while others want to escape the imposition of “Xi thought.” As Chinese immigrants arrive in our communities, we need to look for ways to welcome the newcomers and show them the love of Christ.

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Europe: A Missionary Field or Mission Force?

Europe's Chinese churches need ministers just as much as each European country needs them. Although Europe was once one of the most active regions for sending missionaries, even as recently as the early twentieth century, it has now become a mission field requiring support and prayer from various missionary organizations and churches worldwide.

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Called and Faithful

Embracing Identity in God’s Service

Scripture forewarns us of life's trials, and Jesus' words in John 16:33 are a beacon: “In this world you will have tribulation. But take heart; I have overcome the world.” The path of pastoral ministry has its own inherent trials, and as a woman, these can be distinctive.

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Reconciling a Church Split

Regrettably, if you have been a Christian for a while, you most likely have either heard of a church split or experienced one. While many church splits do not have a happy ending relationally, I know of at least one that does…

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Thrive Globally

Empowering Chinese Church Leaders with Thriving Leaders

What sets Thriving Leaders apart is its collaborative approach, which involves trainers from various Chinese churches and seminaries worldwide coming together to create courses tailored for Chinese church leaders…. "Fundamental Truths" introduces basic theology, while "Overview of the New Testament" offers Bible school level training to Chinese pastors, all at no cost.

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Loneliness in the World, Unity in Solitude

While preaching the good news of Jesus, his resurrection, grace, and peace, these pastors nevertheless receive criticism and doubt in return…Chinese Christian pastors in America whom we have met all have stories of doubts, despair, frustration, loneliness, and sometimes even betrayal or danger.

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Messy Choices in Messy Situations

When facing situations in which right and wrong choices are not quite so black and white, we need each other more than ever to discern the right path to take. In supporting each other, I believe we should also give each other the benefit of the doubt more often than not.

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Pastors in China’s New Era

Lee explains the three main reasons why the Communist Party is wary of Protestants: their faith is seen as an ideological threat to the Party, churches can bring foreign influence, and they are a collective action threat. She then explains the various ways pastors are dealing with the actions the Party is using to hold them in line.

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Praying for Church Leaders in China

Chinese pastors and ministers are often under tremendous pressure—from the state, their congregations, and family issues. While believers in the global church cannot be physically present in China, we can support these workers through intercessory prayer.

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Challenges to Spiritual Maturity in a Connected World

Secularization affects the church everywhere and China is no exception. This conversation with an experienced pastor from East China points out that the connectedness of our current age contributes to the challenges of secularization and often hampers spiritual growth.