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A Pastoral Letter When the Church Can’t Gather for Communion

A pastor in Shanghai reflects on the importance of the Lord's Supper and expresses the shared desire to again meet in person and partake of this means of grace.

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Why Low Pastor Salaries Are Hurting the Church

Poor financial compensation for pastors is one factor among many today that could imperil the future of the Chinese church.

Chinese Church Voices

Realistic Advice for Seminary Grads

Pastor Chen Shengfeng pours a “bucket of cold water” on zealous and idealistic seminary graduates entering ministry.

Chinese Church Voices

Listening to Pastors in China, Part 3

How to better care for Chinese pastors and how they can care for one another. 

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Listening to Pastors in China, Part 1

What challenges do Chinese pastors face? How do they find support in the church? From other pastors? The journal ChurchChina recently published an article detailing these issues with interviews from prominent pastors in China. 

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Pastoring Post-90s Christians

What difficulties do youth in China face today? How do Chinese youth pastors tackle ministry challenges? And the frustrations?

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The Hardships of Pastoral Ministry in China

Pastoral ministry is typically not a desired vocation among Chinese Christians. Although pastors in China are revered for their rich spiritual gifts and selfless service to the church, pastoral ministry itself is poor, lonely, and draining. In this article from Green Olive Books, the author, a layperson, highlights the difficulties of being a pastor in China, as well as the need for Chinese Christians to better support their pastors. 

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What Does It Mean to Be a Pastor?

An article from the Gospel Times in which a pastor reflects on what it means to be a pastor, particularly in a society that knows and understands little about the profession.