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Reflecting Together on the New Era

From the desk of the guest editor.

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A Decade of Change and Future Prospects

Bryant outlines the four areas in which China has most changed over the past decade. He discusses what these involve and their significance for the church in China.

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The 20th Party Congress: A Roundup

In an unprecedented move, the 20th Congress of the CCP approved Xi Jinping to take up a third term as the General Secretary of the Chinese Communist Party. To help our readers understand the ramifications of the event, we have a roundup of articles and podcasts.

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Half a Dozen Plenums

The Sixth Plenum just finished a four-day meeting. What might the resolution that came out of the meeting mean for the church in China?

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5 Random Observations on the 19th Party Congress

The Communist Party of China just wrapped up its 19th Party Congress in Beijing. Here are some “takeaways.”

View From the Wall

Steady Growth, Comprehensive Restructuring and National Transformation Prospects after the 18th Party Congress

Following a rapid downturn in 2012, what are the prospects for China's economy in 2013? What trends are being seen, and what do they indicate? How do social and political considerations interact with the economy and does this have any impact for Christianity? Based on statistics, Dr. Zhao gives his outlook for China's economic future.