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Caring for Orphans: An Interview (1)

Chinese Canadian Margaret MacNeil’s gold medal at the Tokyo Olympics has drawn attention to international adoptions from China and to China’s orphans. Here we repost an interview with a Chinese Christian woman who left a corporate job to care for disabled orphans.

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When a Canadian Swimmer Lit Up Chinese Social Media

Margaret MacNeil's win in the women's 100-meter butterfly this week drew attention not just because of what she accomplished but because of who she is.

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Prepping for the Olympics

To help our readers in their Olympic-watching prep, here is a story from Chinese Church Voices about a legendary Olympian—Li Yan, a short-track speed skating athlete and coach, who happens to be from China and happens to be a Christian.

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Remembering the 2008 Beijing Olympics

A Reading Round-up

Ten years ago I was in Beijing during the 2008 Olympic Games. I had been in the city since it was announced as the host, and watched it get ready— stadiums to construct; roads to build; subway lines to put in. The city transformed itself before our eyes.  

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Christian Olympians

What is it like to be a Christian athlete in China? 

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“Arduous” and “Oppressive”–the Life of a Chinese Athlete

It’s been a long time since I have watched the Olympic Games on American broadcast TV, and not CCTV5, the Chinese sports channel, and there are several things that I miss. I miss the 24-hour coverage of events and watching them in their entirety, not just highlight reels. I miss watching ping-pong and badminton. And I miss getting to know the Chinese athletes.

Chinese Church Voices

Speed Skating Coach Li Yan Talks about the Bible

The most successful short track speed skating coach in the world is Li Yan. She is also a Christian. The Christian Times reports on the importance of faith in her life.

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English and the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games

The modern Olympic Games have never been awarded to a host country whose citizens did not have English as a common language. The promise to be the host city presented enormous language challenges to Beijing. Many of Beijing’s 13 million people will be working with the athletes and spectators. Nearly every walk of life will need bilingual English skills by 2008.