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China Ministry and Transformational Development (1)

The End of an Era?

The experiences of the few remaining expatriate cross-cultural workers in China suggest that while we are not at the end of Christian development work in China, we are confronted with a substantially different ministry context.

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China Development Brief Is Surveying Foreign NGOs

Seeking to understand the effects of the overseas NGO law.

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Persecution or Potential?

The voice of one of many Chinese Christians who are calling for believers to step into the NGO space as a means of extending the church’s witness in society and establishing its credibility in the eyes of the government.

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The Overseas NGO Law: A Second Look

Following a rather chaotic start, the process of registering foreign entities under the Overseas NGO (ONGO) Law is getting underway, albeit slowly.

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The Overseas NGO Law: A Game-Changer?

What are people saying about China's new Overseas NGO Law?

The Lantern

New Resource: ChinaSource Law and Policy Monitor

In response to the uncertainties resulting from China's new Overseas NGO Law, we've created the ChinaSource Law and Policy Monitor.  Here we introduce this new service and explain how organizations can sample the Monitor while helping ChinaSource in its efforts to understand how the law is impacting those who serve.

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Who’s In? An Update

An update on successful registrations under the new Overseas NGO Law and an invitation to join us at the Reformation 500 conference in Hong Kong. 

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From Grey to Grey: Foreign NGOs Feel Their Way Forward in China

News that nearly three dozen foreign NGOs had successfully registered under the new Overseas NGO Law sounded an optimistic note for organizations working in China. Yet, as a recent article in The Diplomat points out, this apparent gain for the overseas NGO community masks the greater realities facing foreign groups as they weigh their options under the new law.

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China’s New Realities and the Overseas NGO Law

An excerpt from ChinaSource Law and Policy Monitor, part of a new package of services aimed at assisting faith-based organizations as they deal with the implications of the Overseas NGO Law and related policy developments. 

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Who’s In?

Even though there was no law governing their operation in China until January 1, foreign NGOs have been operating in China for quite some time. Typically, they were either registered with the Ministry of Civil Affairs or operated with the approval of provincial or local officials. The new law now requires all NGOs to register with the Ministry of Public Security.