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The Mountains Are Shorter, Part 2

Mountains today no longer symbolize separation, but rather strength, as suggested by another phrase, tieda de Jiangshan (铁打的江山). Literally meaning “rivers and mountains forged in iron,” it is commonly translated “iron-clad country,” a fitting description of the seemingly unshakeable state power being exerted throughout Xi’s China.

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Chinese Christian Nonprofits and Reshaping Perceptions of Evangelism

Since Chinese Christians see evangelism as their most important mission, the author explores the evolving relationship between nonprofits and evangelism, as well as the significant impact on theology and practice that nonprofits can make.

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Expatriates Serving in China’s New Era

Recent Developments, Future Prospects

Many of China’s expatriate ministry professionals, increasingly finding difficulties in ministering, are turning to serving the church in China remotely. The author explores the issues influencing whether expatriate Christians can continue to live and minister within China.

ChinaSource Perspective

A Deep Well

In this issue, we are offered thoughtful articles which provide us with rich draughts of wisdom and experience. We will be drawing from this deep well for some time to come.

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A Reader’s Guide to Laws and Regulations of the New Era

References for your further reading that cover national level changes in China in regulations and administrative measures pertaining directly to religion.

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China Ministry and Transformational Development (1)

The End of an Era?

The experiences of the few remaining expatriate cross-cultural workers in China suggest that while we are not at the end of Christian development work in China, we are confronted with a substantially different ministry context.

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China Development Brief Is Surveying Foreign NGOs

Seeking to understand the effects of the overseas NGO law.

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Persecution or Potential?

The voice of one of many Chinese Christians who are calling for believers to step into the NGO space as a means of extending the church’s witness in society and establishing its credibility in the eyes of the government.

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The Overseas NGO Law: A Second Look

Following a rather chaotic start, the process of registering foreign entities under the Overseas NGO (ONGO) Law is getting underway, albeit slowly.

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The Overseas NGO Law: A Game-Changer?

What are people saying about China's new Overseas NGO Law?