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Instrumentalizing the Church in China

In the polarized political landscape, China garners near-universal disapproval. The instrumentalization of China's church distorts reality for political gain, linking it with domestic religious freedom issues. Genuine dialogue is needed to address complex concerns and avoid silencing Chinese Christian voices.

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New Opportunities as the Narrative Changes

These new opportunities are a great way to gather regularly to pray for China, to pray and ask our Father to show us what he has for the future [and] be a part of forming the new narrative for Chinese missions.

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Chinese Mission at the Crossroads

Now as China’s church reengages in mission, the question of how the gospel will be conveyed cross culturally and what kind of churches will result is central to the long-term success of the Chinese mission movement.

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A Missed Opportunity

How Our Questions Shape Our Narratives

Through his testimony, many became acquainted with China’s suffering church. His story was one that needed to be shared, and by God’s grace it became a great source of encouragement to those who heard it. . . . There is another story, however, that could have been told if anyone had thought to ask.

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Beyond the Golden Era

The world in which Jesus grew up and spent his earthly life was in many respects a microcosm of our world today.

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What Forms Our Narratives (and Our Hearts)

Rather than skirting uncomfortable China conversations, leaning into the narratives by which evangelicals seek to make sense of China and its church can uncover the biases and cultural assumptions standing in the way of a more authentic understanding of what it means to be citizens of God’s kingdom.

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China’s Place in the World

Fulton discusses Xi Jinping’s “China Dream” that envisions a new role for China on the world scene. He looks at three arenas where Xi seeks to establish China’s superiority.

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Giving Thanks in the Darkness

This thanksgiving glimmers with the hope that our engagement will help to complete the story…about what China is becoming. But what happens when we ourselves are the ones in need, with neither the opportunities nor the means to enter into the story in the way we thought we were supposed to?

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Enduring Friendship

When our friendship storyline is out of step with the larger cultural narrative, whether in China or in the West, how do we as the body of Christ continue to build bridges of understanding?

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What if Christianity Is No Longer Successful?

May the stories we tell in this new era be stories of God’s faithfulness and the faithfulness of his people. The gospel is still unique and true, even when it is not clothed in the outward signs of success.