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Ramadan and the Gospel

When we celebrate with our Hui friends, let us not treat remembrances of either our God or theirs as quaint cultural relics, but as points of connection to God and his gospel. These are powerful gospel prompts.

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Chinese Muslim Mystics

Know Thy Hui Neighbor (2)

To those who have traveled long distances to visit tombs of long-dead holy men and their sons, the news of God sending his son to us sounds good. To those who revere a great man who gave his life to save 70,000 people, the man who died as a ransom for the world sounds, well . . . divine.

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From the Middle East to the Middle Kingdom (7)

Hui and the Cultural Revolution

With the loss of their religious meetings, their halal food, and their freedom to run small businesses, some felt there was nothing left of their Hui identity. But others took another approach.

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The Heart Cries of Frontline Workers in Muslim Countries

Interviews by the Guest Editor

WU Xi candidly speaks of difficulties China’s frontline missionaries face as they move into cultures different from their own. Churches and sending agencies need to address these issues if the work of their missionaries is to be effective.

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China’s Uyghurs

What You Need to Know

A brief but instructive history from the Oxford Research Encyclopedia.

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Recent Articles on Islam in China

Last week Brent wrote about a Christian serving among China’s Muslims who joined in the Muslim celebration of Ramadan. Given the fact that we are now at the halfway point of the month of fasting, I thought it would be a good time to highlight some recent articles and resources about Islam in China.

View From the Wall

These Thirty Days

In order to experience his Muslim friends' Ramadan period, Rev. Mark chose to observe this Muslim holy month. He shares some of his experiences during that month and the lessons God taught him. He finds similarities between his experiences and those faced by Christian workers who cross cultures to share the gospel.

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Islam in China

A few years back I was talking with a Chinese scholar friend of mine about Islam in China. In what has to be one of the clearest examples of pragmatic religiosity I’ve encountered, he told me, “Islam has no future here because Han Chinese will never give up eating pork.”

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Are Chinese Christians Particularly Suited to Reaching Muslims?

Are doors opening for Chinese Christians to be reaching Muslims with the gospel? 

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ZGBriefs – The Week’s Top Picks, October 9 Issue

What does it mean to be Chinese? Three articles this week highlight the complexity of being Chinese.