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The Global Chinese Diaspora Today

Overview and Mission Trends

Our Lord is the lord of history, and everything happens according to his plan. The recent political developments in and related to China have impacted the movement and dynamics of the global Chinese diaspora. They have closed some doors for mission while opening others.

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America for Americans

A Book Review

In her book, Lee examines the ways xenophobia manifests itself, and how it has been directed at specific groups of immigrants throughout American history. From the pre-Revolutionary War period to the Muslim Ban of 2017, this book points out that the fear of foreigners manifests contemporary social, political, and economic anxieties.

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Chinese Christians of Chicagoland

The Experience of One American City—Chicago

The author was asked to take on a research project studying the Chinese Christians of Chicagoland with the purpose of discerning ministry trends of this diasporic faith community, assessing issues facing Chinese churches, and exploring ministry opportunities.

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Sociological Analysis and Theological Reflection on China’s Migrant Workers

A Book Review

Christian intellectuals, especially those in ministry or missions, will find the book very useful in understanding issues of poverty and alienation in China. Indeed, any concerned Christian will be moved by the stories and descriptions of the plight of the migrant workers.


The Chinese Exodus

Migration, Urbanism and Alienation in Contemporary China

A sociological analysis as well as a theological discussion of China’s internal migration since the marketization reform in 1978.

Chinese Church Voices

The Struggles of the Chinese Rural Church

The pastor of a rural congregation shares the challenges his church faces. 

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Changing Dynamics of Church Growth in China

What might affect church growth in China today?

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Chinese New Year: A Round-up

Today is chu-san, the third day of the new lunar year. China is essentially closed since everyone gets at least a 7-day holiday and many will be gone from their jobs or schools for a month or more. To give you a feel for how the holiday is being celebrated, here’s a round-up of some interesting articles that have been published recently.

Chinese Church Voices

Migrant Worker, How Are You?

A "letter" to migrant workers in China.

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Dr. Lewis and the Chinese Church

Has China reached the Lewis Turning Point? What does that mean for migrant workers in China?