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Transformative Relationships

Self-Control, Prayer, and Reflection

God calls us to exercise self-control and listen well. And while challenging to live out, relating to others in this way is not impossible! Many of those I interviewed in China… described this spiritual fruit growing in their lives and the difference it made relationally.

Blog Entries

Bearing With: Recognizing and Accepting Differences

We are all members of the body of Christ. And while there are appropriate times to leave a particular ministry or church to find another, when the reason for leaving is related to conflict triggered by differences, please pause, and first consider taking biblical peacemaking steps.

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Member Care for Mainland Chinese Missionaries

Breaking New Ground in a Developing Field

Generational, cultural, and personal issues create challenges and advantages for Chinese cross-cultural missionaries and point to the need for member care. How can this need be met?

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Marital Issues Facing Chinese Missionaries

Marital satisfaction greatly affects missionaries’ effectiveness and length of ministry. After looking at reasons missionary marriages succeed, Tsai provides suggestions for providing support for Chinese missionaries.

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A Love Story from China

Everyone loves a love story. In this video from 7G-TV, we meet two young Christians who struggled with the meaning of real love and whether a loving marriage is possible.

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“Forced Marriage” and Spring Festival

A Christian Film Maker Explores the Pressure on Young People

An interview with Christian film maker Geng Haiying about his recently released documentary highlighting the problem of “forced marriages” in Chinese society today.

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Missional Mothering in China

This mother and ministry worker shares her personal encounters with God’s guidance, grace, and power throughout her varied experiences in pioneer church planting and raising a family in frontier areas of China.

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Encouragement for Those Contemplating Post-Virus Divorce

China has seen an increase in divorces following the COVID-19 pandemic. In this article the author describes why some of these marriage problems occur, and gives marriage counsel for couples.

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Pastoral Advice for Life’s Dilemmas

After dating my boyfriend for a little while, I’ve slowly realized he isn’t my kind of person. But, because we are both members of Christ’s body, I find it too awkward to initiate a breakup.  . .  .What should I do?

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A Celebrity Divorce Prompts Thoughts on Marriage

The impending divorce of Korean film stars, Song Joong-ki and Song Hye-kyo, causes a Chinese believer to reflect on marriage and love.