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Christian Spirituality in China’s Walled Garden

WeChat as Christian “Alter-Public”

Despite the Chinese Communist Party’s increasing oversight of Christian life in China today, there is a gray space between the nation’s political tensions, economic revolution, and spiritual revivals that begs for greater reflection and sustained inquiry: the “walled garden” of China’s internet.

Chinese Church Voices

Regulating the Internet

The State Administration for Religious Affairs releases draft regulations calling for strict control over online religious content.

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The Chinese Internet–by the Numbers

Recently China Internet Watch produced a white paper on the Chinese Internet, titled “China Internet Statistics 2017.” The information and charts are based on the semi-annual report published in December 2016 by the China Internet Network Information Center (CNNIC).

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Web Junkie

A Film Review

Daxing Bootcamp, located in the suburbs of Beijing, is probably a place you've never heard of. But growing numbers of parents in China who are at wits’ end have heard of it or of the 400 rehabilitation camps like it. The government has set up the centers to treat teenagers with internet addiction disorder. Web Junkie takes us inside Daxing Bootcamp and introduces us to three of the young men who are treated there. 

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Say What? Unraveling Chinese Internet Memes

What do “prehistoric powers,” “skinny blue mushroom,” “melon-eating masses,” and “chuanpu” have in common?

Chinese Church Voices

Online Devotionals

Churches in China are increasingly looking for ways to use the internet to evangelize and encourage believers. This article, originally published in the mainland site Gospel Times is about a church in Liaoning province that posts daily video devotionals online to one of China’s largest video-sharing sites.

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China’s Online Christian Community

There is more freedom than many realize for Christians to use the Internet. Numbers of netizens, use of web sites by Christians and links to many sites are provided in this article.