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Engaging the Highly Mobile Generation of Chinese Intellectuals

AFC adopted an innovative ministry model that focuses on supporting micro-communities, which reflect the highly mobile character of overseas Chinese intellectuals….Each micro-community exists to serve actual needs. Collectively, these micro-communities embody the ecosystem of the gospel—the variety of Christian life and the diversity of people groups.

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A Writer Turns to Christ

Last month, the Chinese writer and public intellectual Ran Yunfei announced via WeChat that he had become a Christian, following in the footsteps of his wife and daughter who had come to faith earlier. 

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A University Student Reflects on Faith

The website Xuanjiao Zhongguo (Missions China) recently ran a post written by a university student in China, sharing his/her reflections on faith in modern China.

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Understanding China’s Intellectuals

Lessons from History

Cross-cultural workers in China service are increasingly aware of the strategic importance of reaching China’s urban intellectuals. Some of these intellectuals, often (mis)named “Cultural Christians,” have taken up Christian thought as a subject for serious academic study. At the same time, these are exciting, confusing days. China is stepping onto the international scene as a member of the WTO. She is searching for new ideas and values. What can the history of China, and the history of Christian missions in China, teach us as we seek to understand China’s intellectuals?

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Putting Christianity on the Map—for Chinese Intellectuals

Looking at one of China's "Cultural Christians," Liu Xiaofeng.


Apologists or Antagonists?

Chinese Intellectuals and the Gospel

The editor's perspective. . .

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Who are the Chinese Intellectuals?

Understanding today's intellectuals in China and their interaction with the Christian faith.

Peoples of China

Intellectuals and Gateway People Groups

Strategically, reaching intellectuals with the gospel may be key to reaching China as a whole.