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Women in China

A Look through the ChinaSource Archives

In honor of women’s month, we’ve highlighted the experiences of women in China ministry on the blog. Today, we’re expanding our lens to look back at articles published on how Chinese women’s lives have changed in the past century, how they are working in the church, and their triumphs and struggles.

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Praying for Urban Red-Light Outreach

Exploitation and Restoration

Let us pray for those who are still living in darkness and feel so stuck in the massage parlor in the urban villages. Let us pray for workers to reach them, for alternative jobs and safe houses to provide a way out, and for proper trauma counseling to help them process their past.

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Lost and Love

A Film Review

Hope in the face of devastating loss. A film about child trafficking in China.

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Starfish Project

An Opportunity to Get Involved

Join the work of Starfish Project and help provide alternative employment and holistic care services to exploited and abused women in Asia.