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Can Others Tell?

As Chinese New Year approaches, Barbara Kindschi shares memories of holidays in China from years past and invites us to remember our Chinese brothers and sisters in prayer, using some recent ChinaSource articles as guides.

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Celebrating a Different Thanksgiving

I thought about those Thanksgivings this year as we contemplate the prospect of a very different Thanksgiving. Covid-19 might prevent us from having the usual gatherings of family or friends; the food may be different. Maybe this is the year to stop and tell a few people that we are thankful for them. And to thank God for them.

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Thanksgiving in Chengdu

Celebrating Thanksgiving with a food tale from Chengdu! 

Chinese Church Voices

Handling Family Relationships at Holiday Time

One of the challenges facing those who come to faith in China is how to handle family relationships during the traditional holidays when they return home to be with family members who do not share their faith and may not accept it. In this article, published in the Christian Times just prior to the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day holiday, a believer shares some thoughts on how Christians can handle the tensions that naturally arise during holiday visits.