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Christ’s Relevance to ABC Gen Z

Every day I pray for God to give me wisdom to eliminate any barriers between my daughter and me. I pray for ways to be able to speak to her and for her to have an open heart. I found that like me, there are many other Chinese Christian parents that share the same struggles.

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Human Flourishing in Chinese Thought: A Christian Response

Lecture Video Recording

Enjoy the recording of I’Ching Thomas’ lecture, “Human Flourishing in Chinese Thought: A Christian Response.” Drawing on themes from her book Jesus the Path to Human Flourishing, I’Ching explored the notion of human flourishing in Chinese thought, focusing especially on Confucius’ teaching on self-cultivation and benevolence as keys to achieving the ideal of the Noble Man.

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A Black Hole or a House of Gold?

After the House of Joy Christian Church in San Dimas established the independently operated mission organization…we were among the first to be called by God to serve the smuggling route travelers. We faced the same challenges as other churches, but after a year and a half of service, both the mission and the church experienced profound spiritual breakthroughs.

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The First and the Last Sacrifice


Sharing the gospel with Muslims, including Chinese Muslims, takes a lot of cultural sensitivity. “The First and Last Sacrifice” is one method of sharing the story of Jesus which incorporates references to the Quran, Arabic names, and Islamic concepts to reach Muslims for Christ.

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From Despair to Hope

Enter into the world of rural China and open your heart to the story of a young woman who suffered with depression until she heard the gospel in college. Now she is full of hope and joy because of truth and beauty of her Christian faith. She has led her family to Christ and was able to minister to the house church in her village.

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To Stay or Not to Stay?

Is It Time to Leave China?

I suspect that many…have narrowed decisions about the future to one of two possible options: stay in China or return to one’s home country…. I see a compelling third option: relocate to an area outside of China to serve diaspora Chinese or train Chinese missionaries (or both).

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Exploring New Zealand’s Rich Christian Heritage

Bible & Treaty: Missionaries among the Māori—A New Perspective: A Book Review

Bible & Treaty tells the story of how the gospel first came to the Māori and details the rich Christian heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand. In addition, it is a story that resonates with the story of mission in China and elsewhere.

Chinese Church Voices

Ministering to Drug Addicts in Myanmar

The devastation of drug addiction has impacted people around the world, affecting addicts and their families. In this article from China Christian Daily, we learn of the impact of gospel-centered rehabilitation on one addict and his continuing ministry helping others out of addiction through the gospel.