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Exploring New Zealand’s Rich Christian Heritage

Bible & Treaty: Missionaries among the Māori—A New Perspective: A Book Review

Bible & Treaty tells the story of how the gospel first came to the Māori and details the rich Christian heritage of Aotearoa New Zealand. In addition, it is a story that resonates with the story of mission in China and elsewhere.

Chinese Church Voices

Ministering to Drug Addicts in Myanmar

The devastation of drug addiction has impacted people around the world, affecting addicts and their families. In this article from China Christian Daily, we learn of the impact of gospel-centered rehabilitation on one addict and his continuing ministry helping others out of addiction through the gospel.

Chinese Church Voices

The Gospel for This Generation

A pastor responds to a tragic suicide in Gansu province: "So, I can only say three words: share the gospel. Nothing else. Aside from the gospel of Jesus Christ, the punishment of law, execution of justice, human rage, public condemnation, systematic restraint—none of these can truly save us."


One Gospel for All Nations: A Practical Approach to Biblical Contextualization

The Bible tells us what to believe—the gospel. It also shows how to contextualize the gospel? In One Gospel for All Nations, Jackson Wu explains practically why we must not choose between the Bible and culture highlights implications for both missionaries and theologians. Contextualization should be practical, not pragmatic; theological, not theoretical.

Chinese Church Voices

Preparing Our Hearts for Christmas

Because of the growing popularity of Christmas in China, this season provides individual Christians and churches numerous opportunities for outreach. In this article, originally posted on at Gospel Times, a pastor reminds believers of the need to make room in their hearts for Christ as they prepare for Christmas.

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A Free Resource

"Gospel in Life"

Our friends at the International Outreach department of The Gospel Coalition (TGC) are offering a free resource to those serving in China—Tim Keller’s Gospel in Life, in simplified Chinese. 

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The Day China Changed Me

It was June 2000. I was on my first trip to China. In fact, it was my first time to leave the United States. My team and I spent six weeks meeting students, sharing the gospel, and helping in other ways.

Chinese Church Voices

A Young Christian “Soldier” in Shenzhen

We often hear about how the church in China is looking for ways to increase its presence in the "public square;" in other words trying to be more visible in society. This article from the Gospel Times is about a family in Shenzhen that is literally doing evangelism in the public square.