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A Chinese Christian Exodus?

Due to a number of monumental changes in politics, economy, and society in mainland China over the past decade, Chinese emigration has apparently been accelerating steadily…. What caught our attention is the very obvious and strong presence of Christians in ongoing emigration from China. A couple of unofficial estimates put the percentage of Christians…at 15-20%.

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Jesus in Little Africa

A look at the rise of Congolese Pentecostal churches in Guangzhou.

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10 Quotes about China’s Rise and the Church

from Brent Fulton’s article about the rising influence of China and its impact on the Western church.

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Chinese Christianity

Vol. 5, No. 1

The church in China—more Chinese or more global? 

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Christianity in China in the Context of Global Christianity

Chinese Christians have a unique place in global Christianity and are entering into deeper conversations with Christians worldwide. What do they offer each other?  One of the greatest challenges to global Christianity is navigating fragmentation and diversity. Another significant challenge is interaction with people of other religions. How can Chinese Christians help in these and other challenges? What role do they play on the global scene? The author addresses these questions in his discussion of this topic.

Chinese Church Voices

Evangelism and Missions – the Future for the Chinese Church

A Chinese Christian calls on the church to be engaged in evangelism and global missions. 

Book Reviews

The Dragon’s Gift

The Real Story of China in Africa

The reviewer discusses the author's argument that China has created her own path for aid, how this is working in Africa and what it means for the continent.

Peoples of China

Global Snapshots

A Look at the Chinese Diaspora around the World

From New Zealand to Canada, from professionals to laborers, we are given brief glimpses of the third Chinese diaspora in a variety of countries. A number of diaspora workers give us glimpses into the lives of the people they work with and how they are presenting them with the Gospel.

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Mainland Chinese on the African Continent

Every year, China does $10 billion worth of trade with Africaand this continues to increase. Thus, the continent, and especially South Africa, is drawing a large number of Mainland Chinese. Who are these Chinese and what are their situations? Who is trying to reach them with the Gospel and what challenges do they face in doing this?

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Missiological Implications of Chinese Christians in Europe

The author tells us where Mainland Chinese are found in Europe, what they are involved in and their relationships to Christianity. He discusses their ties with established European Chinese churches, their impact upon the church in China as many return to their homeland and the outreach of European churches to the Chinese diaspora among them.