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History of Student Ministry in China

Starting in 1818 and continuing to the present, the author provides an overview of the history of student ministry in China.

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Approaching the Christian Tradition in Chinese Academic Settings

A reflection on the paradox of teaching in an officially atheistic state and yet having the opportunity to teach Christian and religious material.

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Did You Do Your Homework?

In the midst of all the required teacher feedback and correction, there are thought-provoking surprises; those reminders that there’s always so much more going on than pronunciation or grammar.

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Same but Different

Teaching in China—the first day of the new semester.

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Going to School in China

The Stories of 3 Asian TCKs

When parents move to China with their children, education is always a big concern. Three Asian TCKs tell their stories.

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Cross-Cultural Education in China—and in Chinese Families

Chinese parents often assume that their children attending international schools have the same attitudes, values, and language skills as those attending Chinese schools, but the instruction on how to think—and behave in society—follows different cultural norms.

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The Impact of School Culture

What is considered normal and acceptable in education varies from culture to culture. Understanding cultural values is crucial for students to succeed. 

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Introducing Modern Chinese Education

Following a brief overview of the history of China’s educational system, the authors compare underlying Eastern and Western worldviews and then the practical implications these have for expatriates teaching in China.

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Views from the Classroom

Four expatriate teachers, from a variety of educational sectors throughout China, give their individual perspectives on the opportunities and challenges of teaching there. Their reflections from long-term experience provide helpful insights.

ChinaSource Perspective

More Blessed to Receive

Expatriate teachers went to China to give. But often they ended up taking more of China with them than they had bargained for. The editor of ChinaSource Quarterly gives several suggestions for how to be a good reciever.