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Celebrating Easter across China

How did churches across China celebrate Easter? This article from China Christian Daily gives a flavor of some Easter celebrations in Three-Self registered churches in three different provinces.

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Why Not Shout Together?

The Joy of the Resurrection

“He’s the Lamb! They always killed a lamb at that time! He died at that time. He’s the Lamb that died—but he came back to life!”

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A Celebration of Emptiness

As you and your family celebrate Easter this year, may the sadness of your empty church building remind you of the joy of the empty tomb.

Chinese Church Voices

Easter—the Way Out from Qingming

The Qingming Festival leaves observers with death; Easter opens the way for life through the work of Jesus Christ.

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Joyful News of the Resurrection

Singing on Easter morning with hundreds of Chinese brothers and sisters was a tiny glimpse of heaven. 

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Celebrating Holy Week in China

Many churches in China marked Palm Sunday and Easter Sunday with special worship services. Here are pictures from two of the services.

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复活节快乐! Happy Easter!

A blessed Easter to you from ChinaSource!

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He Is Risen!

Easter Sunday (“Resurrection Day” in Chinese) is a highpoint for Christians in China, as it is for followers of Christ the world over. Not only do Chinese believers celebrate the resurrection of Christ; they also celebrate the new life experienced in Christ by those who have come to faith within the past year. Easter Sunday baptisms are an important part of church life. In some larger churches hundreds of new Christians may celebrate their spiritual rebirth through baptism on a single day.

Chinese Church Voices

Pastors Reflect on Preparing for Easter

Pastors in China share how they are encouraging their people to prepare for Easter.