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A Journey of Captivation and Identity

Andy and Sandy's life-altering journey began with adopting a baby girl from China. Unbeknownst to them, this moment would shape their family's identity, guiding them on a path of cultural exploration. Over time, they welcomed more children into their family, each with a unique bond to Chinese culture. Through deliberate efforts, they cultivated a profound Chinese American identity. Today, as their children have matured, they reflect on how memories, experiences, relationships, and values have molded their identity.

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Common Sense, Nonsense, and CantoSense

A ChinaSource Conversation

Answering the question "Can we be fully Chinese and fully Christian" with a resounding Yes!

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10 Quotes from Jesus, the Path to Human Flourishing by I’Ching Thomas

The presenter for our upcoming webinar, "How Relevant is the Gospel for the Chinese."