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Giving Thanks in a Difficult Season

We thank him, not because of the blessings we receive from him, but because of who he is at all times.

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Lingering COVID

I’m Fine but Sometimes I Don’t Feel That Way

I keep hearing that phrase, “back to normal,” over and over again as I care for people in China and its neighbouring countries. “No more lockdown and COVID is almost over, so we’re fine now” . . . or we think we should be.

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My Heart Aches for Shanxi but with Hope

In the midst of natural disasters, personal loss, and the return of COVID-related restrictions, believers in Shanxi find ways to serve and even expand opportunities to bless their communities.

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The Pandemic’s Impact on Sunday School in China

Being a Christian in China is never easy, leading our children to Jesus is even harder. During the pandemic, Sunday school for kids faced a variety of challenges.

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Counting by Sevens—Re-entry into China

Clearing the quarantine and monitoring requirements from arrival to residence.

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International Student Ministry in China

Is There Still Hope?

Given all that has happened in China due to COVID, Jones looks at the situation of international students studying in China: their current reality, their future, and the role the church plays.

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从人眼看来,在中国的国际留学生事工(ISM) 似乎正在经历着一场干旱。还有希望吗?

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The COVID-Era Preflight Checklist

We left China to make a quick trip back to the States. A “quick trip” used to be two weeks. Now it cannot be shorter than a month. The flight used to take us 24 hours door to door; this time it was 48 hours. However, what made this trip different was not the longer flight time or the total length but the ongoing uncertainty and inability to plan much beyond the next step.

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China Christian Council and Luis Palau Association Meet Virtually

For reasons apparent to all, there have not been many in-person communications between the China Christian Council and overseas ministries since the pandemic. But relationships are still possible.

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I Met Love during the Pandemic

Love is so beautiful that it can cover the ugliness that arose from the sweep of the virus. May the Lord continue to help us grow in love during this season