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Returning Home—The Chinese Church in Transition

Many Chinese believers enter the church at times of personal crisis. Financial troubles, broken relationships, health emergencies—real world trials often reveal to Chinese people the fractured nature of their safety nets, as friends, family, and the state fail to provide them with what they need. These moments of brokenness can be used by God to open people’s hearts to their own weakness and God’s strength.

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The Nature of the Church

"I agree with the principle of separation of church and state. However, this is simply a concept. It is not sufficient to help us face complicated church-state relationships. We must carefully, diligently study the Bible. How is the church to exist in this world?"

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The Boundary between the Church and State

Over the past year, prominent house churches in China were shut down by government authorities stirring up questions about how the church and state in China should interact. How can the church be the church in this environment? Where is the line between the church and the state?

Chinese Church Voices

What Healthy Churches Ought to Look Like

A Three-self church pastor in Wenzhou writes about four practical concepts for developing healthy churches.