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The Increasing Role of the Laity

For decades, the church in China has relied on lay people. Some would say this is an ideal situation in the church. Others would say that the phenomenon points to deeper problems within the Chinese church. To be sure, the pros and cons of the rise of laypeople are debated within the Chinese church.

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The Ministry of Women in the Chinese Church

A reader responds to the spring issue of CSQ with insightful observations and questions.

ChinaSource Perspective

Tea and Evangelism

ChinaSource Vice President of Partnership and China Engagement, Joann Pittman, recounts her observations of women in ministry over her 20 years spent in China.

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Passing the Faith to the Next Generation

Reaching American-Born/Second-Generation Chinese

Key issues for Chinese American Churches.

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Salt in the Soup

Three church leaders in China reflect on their experiences of “doing church” in the midst of a health crisis and quarantine.

Chinese Church Voices

Concerns of a Three-Self Pastor for 2020 (2)

. . . before the Covid-19 Crisis

Before news of COVID-19 broke into their lives, what were Chinese Christians concerned about? What were the top issues going into 2020? Chen Shengfeng, a Three-Self pastor, shares 20 concerns facing the Chinese church.

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A Brief Look at Leadership Structure in Urban Registered Churches

Who leads China's registered churches and how do they become leaders?

Chinese Church Voices

On Being a Servant Leader

A reflection on the pastor’s identity as a servant.

Chinese Church Voices

Training Lay Leaders in China

The Hou Zaimen church in Jinan, Shandong Province has developed a system for training lay people and managing meeting points which are contributing to the spiritual growth of believers.

Chinese Church Voices

Realistic Advice for Seminary Grads

Pastor Chen Shengfeng pours a “bucket of cold water” on zealous and idealistic seminary graduates entering ministry.