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WeChat and Chinese Christians, Part 2

The Challenges

Quickly adapting to new technology has become a way of life for believers in China. They have done it before, and they will do it again. But in the meantime, they are growing in how to live as disciples of Jesus in the WeChat generation. May God strengthen them and give them wisdom.

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Chinese Christians of Chicagoland

The Experience of One American City—Chicago

The author was asked to take on a research project studying the Chinese Christians of Chicagoland with the purpose of discerning ministry trends of this diasporic faith community, assessing issues facing Chinese churches, and exploring ministry opportunities.

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What to Do When Things Just Don’t Feel Right

If you’d like a small, but tangible way, to share Jesus’ love with a group of women and their families in China (as well as bless your own friends and family), here’s a simple way to do that.

Chinese Church Voices

Faith through 9778 Days of Imprisonment

Tortured by dogs and forced into confessing a crime he didn’t commit, Zhang Yuhuan spent more than 26 years in prison. He wrote more than 600 appeal letters and was finally released. What sustained him during that time?

Chinese Church Voices

Living a “Down to Earth” Faith

A common concern for Christians in China is how to live out their faith outside of the church. Pastor Chen Shengfeng advises Christians how to carry themselves winsomely around their non-Christian family and friends.

Chinese Church Voices

Christians in China Praying for the World

A prayer from Chinese Christians for people worldwide who are suffering under the COVID-19 pandemic.

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Webinar: What Is It Like to Be a Christian in China?

A New Offering from the ChinaSource Institute

Learn about the historical, social, and political context of Christians in China, as well as the external and internal challenges they are facing today. 

Chinese Church Voices

A Changed Life

The moving story of one mother’s journey from witchcraft to Christ. 


Love, Amy

An Accidental Memoir Told in Newsletters from China

Amy tells her story of how she moved to China to teach English. She anticipated making cultural faux pas, trying new food, seeing God at work, and growing in her knowledge of language and culture. What she could not foresee was all of the adventures and hardships she would be asked to face. Join Amy, a natural storyteller, as she shares her life in China letter by letter.

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A Chinese Christian says “No” to say “Yes!”

A recent Chinese Church Voices post featured one Chinese believer’s reflections on several related decisions she had made in her struggle to live out an authentic faith. Each decision involved saying “no” to the prevailing social norms, putting the author, Wei Chen, at odds with the expectations of co-workers, family, and even her fellow Christians. While Wei posed her decisions in the negative, they together represent a positive affirmation of the counter-cultural values to which many Christians in China aspire.