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Chinese Christians and the Chinese Zodiac

Idolatry or a Cultural Artifact?

For Chinese Christians, embracing both church feasts and traditional Chinese festivals is a delicate balance. While adhering to biblical principles and avoiding idolatry, we are also called to live in harmony with all, showcasing God's goodness to unbelievers (Romans 12:18).

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Opportunities and Challenges During Chinese New Year

How should Chinese Christians celebrate Chinese New Year? What’s the best way to live out the gospel during the celebrations? A pastor from mainland China reflects on these questions.

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Red Packets and Grace

Happy New Year!

May you and your families have a grace-filled new year.

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Churches in China Prepare for the New Year

The first day of the Lunar New Year, or Spring Festival, is next week. Churches in China have been busy preparing for the holiday. These two articles from China Christian Daily tell of three churches that prepared and distributed free New Year couplets to bless their congregations and proclaim God’s love.

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Where Did They Get That Idea?

Eploring the parallels of two different New Year celebrations.

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Happy Chinese New Year! 新年快乐!

Wherever you are this Spring Festival, may it be a special time for you with family and friends.

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What to Take Home for the New Year

As Chinese Christians flock home for the New Year, Pastor Cheng Fengsheng encourages them to bring the most important gift of all.

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Happy Chinese New Year!

A very special film in celebration of a very special time of year.

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Serving Those Away from Home

A church in Zhangzhou shares a meal with those unable to be with their families on Chinese New Year's Eve.