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Advice for Parents on the Eve of College Entrance Exams

Recently, high school seniors across China sat for the infamous gaokao, or National College Entrance Examination. While pressure on students during this time is extremely high, parents of students also feel intense stress over their child’s performance. This article attempts to reassure Christian parents of their child’s worth.

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A Film Review

What happens when you take wealthy urban high school students and drop them down in a small town in Maine?

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The Chinese Students on Your Doorstep

If you live near a major university, chances are you will meet a student or researcher from China. In the 2013-14 academic year there were 274,439 students from China studying in the US at the university level. That is 31% of all international students studying in the US. This year there are 600 freshman at the University of Illinois—nearly one out of every ten new freshmen.  No wonder they have started Mandarin broadcasts of their football games!

Peoples of China

Studying in America

Challenges, Differences and Outcomes

The author talks about his experiences as an international student from China who came to the U.S. to study in high school. He tells us of the challenges he faced and the sacrifices his parents made. He points out major differences between the two cultures and shares with us how the experience has changed him.

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Ministering to Chinese International High Schoolers in the U.S.

Guarding Their Souls

When teens move to a new country, going from east to west and from the familiar to the unfamiliar, they face tremendous pressures in addition to the challenges of their young lives. Who will care for and guide them during the days of transition? Chen examines how schools, host parents, churches and Christian organizations can ease the pressures, make the transition easier and introduce them to the gospel.