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Passing the Faith to the Next Generation

Reaching American-Born/Second-Generation Chinese

Key issues for Chinese American Churches.

Chinese Church Voices

Making Plans for 2021—for Your Family

We make plans for our professional lives; we should also make plans for our families.

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Now We Know

The shared experience of sharing space. 

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Looking Up

A Film Review

A story of a father and son.

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The Farewell

A Film Review

Saying goodbye to Nai Nai . . .

Chinese Church Voices

Advice for Staffing Sunday School

“Mrs. Yang,” a popular blogger, shares her thoughts on who should teach children's Sunday school. 

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Introducing Modern Chinese Education

Following a brief overview of the history of China’s educational system, the authors compare underlying Eastern and Western worldviews and then the practical implications these have for expatriates teaching in China.

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Nurturing Marriages and Raising Children—Challenges for Chinese Missionaries

Family needs, particularly the needs of the spouse and children, are among the causes of the high attrition rate among Chinese long-term missionaries. 


The Impact of Family Issues on Chinese Missionaries

Thinking Through an Approach to Spouse- and Children-Needs of Chinese Missionaries

The Chinese church passionately desires participation in missionary sending to unreached peoples. Field research findings with Chinese missionaries and with prospective Chinese medical missionaries highlight issues related to the needs of the Chinese missionary’s nuclear family. Although mission-sending organizations can help, much of the impetus for resolving difficulties faced by the Chinese missionary’s spouse and children must come from the Chinese missionaries themselves.

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He Loves Me, He Loves Me Not

After having been the only child for many years, my parents finally brought home a tiny bundle—my very own baby sibling. While many would celebrate the arrival of another member to the family, that special day was instead laced with disappointment for my father. I found out much later that my mother went into labor before my father got to the hospital. When he finally arrived, he took a look at the baby, uttered in dismay, “Another girl,” and walked off.