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Recording and Resources—Learning About China

For those who missed last month's webinar or who would like to review the resources that were mentioned.

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Passing the Faith to the Next Generation

Reaching American-Born/Second-Generation Chinese

Key issues for Chinese American Churches.

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Reciprocity—Goes Both Ways and Keeps on Going

Building relationships through sharing resources.

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Priceless Words

The pitfalls of semantics in cross-linguistic communication.

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Now We Know

The shared experience of sharing space. 

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Social Distance

Is it "social distance" or "physical distance?" What's the difference and why does it matter to language and culture learners?

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We Live in Different Worlds

How does a student of language enter another culture? It takes more than classroom experience.

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Where Did They Get That Idea?

Eploring the parallels of two different New Year celebrations.

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American Factory

A Film Review

A tale of two countries, with a glimpse into China and Chinese culture and insight into cultural differences and warm friendships.

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Jesus: The Path to Human Flourishing

A Book Review

An excellent book for anyone who engages with cultural Chinese or who is doing the challenging work of contextualization.