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Praying for China’s Cities

We want to follow the lead of Chinese Christians. If they are praying for one another in a specific way, we want to lift them up in the same manner. If they feel a need to better know and understand one another, then we also share that same need.

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Hong Kong!

The city of Hong Kong has a special place in the hearts of quite a few of us on the ChinaSource team.

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One of the fascinating things about living in Changchun during the 1990s was watching the turbo-charged development that took place beginning in 1992.

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Originally developed as a garrison town by the Qing rulers to establish and maintain their control over the region, Hohhot is now a thriving city of close to three million.

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The capital of Anhui province—a view from the sky and lots of reasons to vist.

Peoples of China

Peoples of the Cities

The author takes us on a tour of some of the side streets of Beijing, showing us the diversity of people within the cities of China.