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The Next Decade of the Church in China

Pastor Li…shared his reflections on…Christianity in China…as well as his outlook and predictions for the next decade. He believes that Chinese Christianity is transitioning from a growth period to a bottleneck period …the next long phase will be one of consolidation, with the cultivation and nurturing of excellent church talent being a key priority.

Chinese Church Voices

Flood Victims Aided by Chinese Believers

[A group of believers] later distributed supplies and meals to the people who were being relocated. [One sister] shared, "As we engage in rebuilding our hometown after the flood, we aspire to provide assistance according to our capabilities for whatever is required."

Chinese Church Voices

Back to Church in Post-COVID China

For most churches, stagnant ministry and the loss of believers were inevitable during the pandemic. Churches need to focus on how to expand further, gain new believers to compensate for the loss, and even achieve growth in the number of believers.

Chinese Church Voices

Church Cares for Elderly in Zhangzhou City Nursing Home

Run by the Tabitha volunteer service center of Beimen Church in Zhangzhou City, the Jiale Nursing Home opened in May 2021 to commemorate the 20th anniversary of the founding of the church, which was established on Easter.

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Top 10 Chinese Church Voices Posts in 2021

A look back at what caught your attention last year.

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Prepping for the Olympics

To help our readers in their Olympic-watching prep, here is a story from Chinese Church Voices about a legendary Olympian—Li Yan, a short-track speed skating athlete and coach, who happens to be from China and happens to be a Christian.

Chinese Church Voices

Chinese Church Voices—Top 10 for 2020

The outbreak of Covid-19 in China and its effect on the church and people of China was the major story in 2020—but it was not the only story.

Chinese Church Voices

Chinese Church Voices—Top 10 posts of 2019

Which posts caught the attention of CCV readers this year?

Chinese Church Voices

Chinese Church Voices—Top 10 Posts of 2017

The most read Chinese Church Voices posts for 2017.

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4 Years of Listening in on the Conversation

A Look Back at "Chinese Church Voices"

A look back at four years of "listening in on the conversation" with Chinese Church Voices.