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Informed and Empowered Prayer

September news from ChinaSource.

The Lantern

When Waiting Is Not Wasted

August news from ChinaSource.

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Our Plans and God’s Provision

February news from ChinaSource.

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Looking to 2022 With Thanksgiving

Thank you for following and supporting ChinaSource in these critical times.

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An Invitation to Advance God’s Kingdom in China

ChinaSource is excited about a new year with new possibilities for kingdom work in China and among the Chinese diaspora worldwide. We need your support, both resources and prayer.

Chinese Church Voices

Chinese Church Voices—On Pause . . .

Chinese Church Voices (CCV) will be pausing, regrouping and be better able to listen.

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ResearchShare—A New Resource from ChinaSource

ResearchShare is a place where those in the ChinaSource community can share their research, projects, and academic papers.

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Collaboration—A Core Value

June news from ChinaSource.

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Truly, One Body Many Parts

May news from ChinaSource.