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It would be a stretch to say that I have been to the city of Lanzhou, capital of Gansu Province. I can, however, claim to have been through it.

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Counting by Sevens—Re-entry into China

Clearing the quarantine and monitoring requirements from arrival to residence.

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The COVID-Era Preflight Checklist

We left China to make a quick trip back to the States. A “quick trip” used to be two weeks. Now it cannot be shorter than a month. The flight used to take us 24 hours door to door; this time it was 48 hours. However, what made this trip different was not the longer flight time or the total length but the ongoing uncertainty and inability to plan much beyond the next step.

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Originally developed as a garrison town by the Qing rulers to establish and maintain their control over the region, Hohhot is now a thriving city of close to three million.

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China from Above

It’s time for a mid-summer tour of China—from the air!


Love, Amy

An Accidental Memoir Told in Newsletters from China

Amy tells her story of how she moved to China to teach English. She anticipated making cultural faux pas, trying new food, seeing God at work, and growing in her knowledge of language and culture. What she could not foresee was all of the adventures and hardships she would be asked to face. Join Amy, a natural storyteller, as she shares her life in China letter by letter.

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I have been to Urumqi, the capital of the Xinjiang Uyghur Autonomous Region twice. The first time was in 1992; a teammate and I took the train. Back then it was a journey that took two days and three nights; today the fastest train makes the journey in 30 hours. On my second visit to Urumqi (in 2004) I also travelled by train, but from the southern Xinjiang city of Kashgar. That was a 24-hour run along the edge of the Taklimakan Desert.

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The Church on Gospel Road

Spring had come to Chengdu City, so a Chinese friend and I decided to go into the countryside to enjoy the flowers. After a lovely stroll among the canola flowers and a delicious lunch, we went to visit a nearby church where we know the folks. Their church, has an interesting story, somewhat in contrast with the stories that often reach the news about the church in China.

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I’ve only been to Dalian once, and that was way back in 1992. I was studying Chinese in Changchun at the time, and a classmate and I decided to head to Dalian for a weekend getaway at the only western hotel in the city, a Holiday Inn. Western food! CNN! It was great.

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Send Postcards Home from China

Are you interested in a trip to China to learn more about its history, culture and faith?