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5 Sermons from China

An opportunity to “step away from delivering thoughts about the Chinese house church and instead offer the English-speaking world a chance to sit directly at the feet of our Chinese brothers and sisters.”

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From Trailblazer to Fellow Traveler

The sixth article in a series by Brent Fulton exploring seven trends that are impacting the way foreign Christians can effectively serve in China.

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How Do You Spell “Success?”

Developments in China over the past two decades have created the conditions for unprecedented collaboration between Chinese Christians and those from outside the country. With increased collaboration, however, has come more opportunities for miscommunication and missteps as Chinese and foreign believers attempt to work together. This spring in ChinaSource Quarterly we will take an in-depth look at the state of this collaboration, drawing upon newly available research on Christian leaders in China and those from outside China who serve with them.