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Teaching Children to Pray

The ultimate and eternal aim of raising children is to lead them to become people who worship God, which is the fundamental difference between how disciples of Christ and the people of the world raise children. Praying with children and leading them to pray is essential to achieving this aim.

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Responding to Restrictions on Children’s Ministry

The future of Christian education in China will require a shift in emphasis from the church to the home.

Peoples of China

Kids in Transition

An experienced, cross-cultural worker shares important factors that helped his children make a positive transition from Chinese to US culture.

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3 Questions: Kerry Schottelkorb

A Home for the Forgotten in Qinghai

A ChinaSource 3 Questions interview with Kerry Schottelkorb, Director of Advancement for Christian Action Asia (CAA).

Chinese Church Voices

Marriage, a Child, or Both?

When a child is born in China, the parents must register him/her and obtain a hukou (household registration certificate). When a couple recently went to register their child, they were told that, since they were not married, they would have to pay a 40,000 yuan “social maintenance fee.” Not having that amount of money, they launched a crowd-funding campaign to raise money to pay the fee. Their story garnered a lot of attention and prompted discussion on social media. It was even covered by The New York Times.