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Praying for Church Leaders in China

Chinese pastors and ministers are often under tremendous pressure—from the state, their congregations, and family issues. While believers in the global church cannot be physically present in China, we can support these workers through intercessory prayer.

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To Stay or Not to Stay?

Is It Time to Leave China?

I suspect that many…have narrowed decisions about the future to one of two possible options: stay in China or return to one’s home country…. I see a compelling third option: relocate to an area outside of China to serve diaspora Chinese or train Chinese missionaries (or both).

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I’ve never felt so powerless. I’ve never felt so tired. And I’ve never felt more dependent upon a higher power to be the glue that holds my fragile, fragmented life together.

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Bonhoeffer: An Exemplar for Facing Challenges

A Chinese professor has seen the glory of God in his own life; he will not be able to ignore God when he returns to teach in China. He knows this will introduce him to dilemmas requiring courage. “Will I have the courage?” he wonders.

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Make Me a Blessing in the Tension

Being a Blessing in a Hostile Environment

The story of Daniel has great implications for us as we face our own upcoming social changes.


Social Service Ministry in China

While social service has long been part of missionary work in mainland China, today a host of different factors are driving Chinese Christians to explore for themselves the place of humanitarian concerns within gospel ministry. For a growing number of local Christians, loving one’s neighbor through acts of service is rapidly becoming an indispensable aspect of Christian witness. This essay will first explore the role of social service in the history of mission in China before analyzing its place in the ministry of the contemporary Chinese church.

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A Shanghai Pastor Reflects on Challenges Facing the Church in China

Christianity in China is entering a new stage in the church-state relationship. How should the church respond?

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Listening to Pastors in China, Part 1

What challenges do Chinese pastors face? How do they find support in the church? From other pastors? The journal ChurchChina recently published an article detailing these issues with interviews from prominent pastors in China. 

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Five Major Challenges Facing the Church

"Faith is not just a beautiful adornment added to our lives; it encompasses our entire lives. Truth is not a set of ideas or theories, but personal realities for which one can live and die." This article presents a detailed analysis of the challenges facing the church in todays society. It was originally posted on the Sina blog of Xing Pinghuang, and later re-posted on the Gospel Times website.