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Webinar Recording: “Where Are the Churches in China? And Why?”

The recording of this recent lecture is now available along with additional resources.


Where Are the Churches in China? And Why?

Geographical Patterns of Church Development

When thinking about missions, we don’t always consider geography, yet the five official religions in China are very geographically concentrated. Dr Fenggang Yang will discuss this in detail in an upcoming lecture.

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Free Webinar: Where Are the Churches in China? And Why?

In this lecture, Professor Yang will present the geographical distribution of Catholic and Protestant churches in China, discuss several characteristics, and trace some of the historical and social patterns of church development.

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The Tricolor Religious Market and the Growth of Christianity

The Great Awakening in China (3)

A sociological approach to the religious landscape in China is helpful in understanding the growth of Christianity in recent years.

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Public Lecture: “The Rise of China and What It Means for the Church”

Attend the latest lecture in the series Exploring Christianity and Culture in China: Today and Yesterday, presented by the US-China Catholic Association, the China Academic Consortium, and ChinaSource.

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Catholicism in China

For those of us in the Protestant community who are engaged in serving the church in China, it is easy to focus on our corner of Christianity, however it may be defined, and completely miss the Catholic experience. This webinar helps broaden our understanding.

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The Never Ending March

A Book Review

A detailed, yet thoughtful, discussion of the history and political circumstances of the Catholic Church in China.

Book Reviews

Understanding World Christianity: China

A Book Review

Part of the World Christianity Series being produced by Fortress Press, this 2019 publication provides both a panoramic view and thoughtful analysis of many key issues in Chinese Christianity today.

Chinese Church Voices

A Cathedral in Shanghai

St. Ignatius Cathedral in Shanghai is one of the oldest and most historic Catholic buildings in China.

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Chinese Bible Translation by the Catholic Church

History, Development, and Reception

Translation of scripture portions by Catholics began over 700 years ago; however, it was not until 1968 that the entire Bible in Chinese in one volume was published. The author follows this process across the centuries.