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The Transformation of Overseas Chinese Churches: “Three Highs and One Low”

Overseas Chinese churches need to equip immigrant congregations to become people on the move, learn to grow and blend together in mixed groups, achieve cross-cultural missions together, and establish gospel partner relationships with other churches, instead of going it alone.

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A Watershed Moment for Global Chinese Christianity

A Reader's Response to the 2024 Spring CSQ

Given that the small community of the Chinese diaspora and the East Asian societies and Western societies that host it are all facing crises and challenges brought about by various changes, the ministry work done by churches in this context can provide a powerful witness, allowing the grace experienced by this small community to bless the much larger Chinese and Western populations in which it is embedded.

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A Social Scientific Study of the Chinese Christian Community in Britain (3)

Key Issues for UK Chinese Churches

Current reports on Chinese churches in the UK often focus on their significant growth in numbers. To be sure, while the interviewees were all grateful for the growth, they also faced unprecedented pressures. This reminds us that when discussing the British Chinese Christian community, we should avoid falling into the trap of moralizing numbers.

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A Social Scientific Study of the Chinese Christian Community in Britain (1)

Key Characteristics and Trends

The influx of BN(O) migrants has upended the landscape of Chinese Christianity in Britain as we knew it…At this critical historical juncture, the British and Foreign Bible Society (BFBS) initiated the “Bible and the Chinese Community in Britain” (BCCB) research project in 2022, aimed at developing an…understanding of Christianity amongst the Chinese population.