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Robert Ekvall: Living on the Edge

A Book Review of Brave Son of Tibet

Robert and Betty went to the untamed Tibet and built relationships, preparing for themselves and others to move and live in these new areas. Robert was a visionary with deep understanding of the cultures, but also brave, as the title says, facing local robbers, politics, and later, war-haunted China.

Chinese Church Voices

Strengthening a Neglected Area

A respected Chinese Christian scholar spoke online in October 2021 about the value of reading biographies of foreign missionaries and the need for Chinese research on early missionaries and church history.

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John Song: Modern Chinese Christianity and the Making of a New Man

A Book Review

"A colorfully descriptive and meticulously documented" biography of John Song.

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Encountering China

A Book Review

Cook reviews this recent volume about the first half of Timothy Richard’s career and evaluates the book’s content and approach.

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A Foot Wide on the Edge of Nowhere

A Book Review

The story of Olive and Theo Simpkin.