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Where to Get a Bible in China

Printed and electronic versions are available, but where?

Chinese Church Voices

Untangling the Complexity of Chinese Bible Translations

Which Chinese Bible translation is best? A Chinese professor of systematic theology responds. 

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Listen to the Chinese Bible

Daily Bible readings in Mandarin.

Chinese Church Voices

Chinese Bible Printing in China

The Story of Amity Printing Company

This year marks the 100th  anniversary of the first edition of the completed Mandarin Union Version Bible. Instrumental in the distribution of this Bible in China has been Amity Printing Press in Nanjing. 

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Finding the “Pastoral Middle” in the Translations Debate

A reader shares his thoughts on the Chinese Union Version of the Bible. 

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Which Chinese Bible Should I Recommend People Read?

A helpful overview of the various versions of the Chinese Bible and the terms and abbreviations that are commonly used to describe them.

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The Miracle of the Chinese Bible

Like the Chinese church itself, the Chinese Bible has not merely survived; it has flourished.

Chinese Church Voices

An Overview of the Translation of the CUV

Overseas Campus highlights key facts that Bible readers need to know about the translation of the Chinese Union Bible. 

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Obtaining a Chinese Bible

Means of obtaining Bibles in Chinese, both inside and outside of mainland China, as well as via the Internet, are provided.

The Lantern

New but Not Normal

April news from ChinaSource.